Shri Niranian Lal Saraswathas come into being out of the spirtual stewardship of Late Shri Niranjan Lal Saraswat (1932-97).  He was a person of missionary zeal and nurtured ambition to establish educational institution to cater the needs of higher education of the weaker and under-privileged section of the society. His visionary approach and educational mission have been the moving and inspiring force  behind the formation of an educational society for the starting of educational institutions. No doubt, it is catastraphic that the end of his life approached before the accomplisment of his educational mission, but his living, inspiring and immortal spirit worked as motivating factor for his worthy son, Advocate Mr. Anil Saraswat to translate his educational mission into the practical proposition. Advocate Saraswat established Vivekananda College of Education (VCE) in 2003, Vivekananda College of Law (VCL) in 2004 and Vivekananda College of Technology & Management (VCTM) in 2008.
Vivekananda College of Law was established to reveal the cherished educational mission in the area of legal education & profession and commitment to achieve excellence in the field. VCL is affiliated to Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University, Agra (UP), India and is approved by Bar Council of India.